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Sample Hacks

The following sample hacks are taken from eBay Hacks. See the Hacks Index for the complete listing of topics in the book.

  » Hack #5: Withholding Feedback (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #10: Controlling Fuzzy Searches (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #25: Take Advantage of Bid Increments (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #40: Formatting the Description with HTML (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #57: Doctoring Photos (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #69: Selling and Shipping Internationally (Acrobat PDF)
  » Hack #76: Obtaining Sales Records (Acrobat PDF)

Supplemental articles:

  » 10 Hot eBay Tips (PC Magazine)
  » Selling with eBay's New Auction Page (O'Reilly Network)

More information:

  » View the Index from the book
  » View the complete list of hacks

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