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About the Book - eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition

eBay is more than just an auction web site. Itís a vast community of millions of buyers and sellers around the world, all of whom are competing for collectibles and customers, respectively. But eBay is also a complex computer system, one that requires experience and the right tools to master.

Author David A. Karp provides the tools, tricks, and strategies to master eBay and do things you never thought you could, whether youíre a buyer or seller, casual surfer or serious collector, novice or seasoned expert. A completely revised and updated version of the original bestseller, eBay Hacks, Second Edition includes 30 brand-new hacks, plus tons of expanded, deepened, or otherwise completely rewritten hacks. Learn how to:

  • Search smarter and find faster with clever shortcuts and powerful tools
  • Use clever bidding and sniping strategies to win more while spending less
  • Protect yourself before and after you bid, and never lose another penny to dishonest sellers
  • Uncover new markets with powerful research tools and techniques
  • Get more money for your items with effective titles, clear descriptions, and killer photos
  • Cultivate a good reputation on eBay by protecting your feedback rating, setting reasonable expectations, and eliminating deadbeat bidders
  • Become a PowerSeller by streamlining listing, checkout, and shipping, and find new ways to automate communications with customers
  • Dive into eBayís API and start developing custom software that can be integrated with your business or distributed to others
David A. Karp, best known for OíReillyís best-selling Windows Annoyances series, is an avid collector and determined tinkerer. David understands the eBay culture, and uses his years of experience to show how subtle strategy, a little diplomacy, and the right tools can make eBay more profitable and a lot more fun.

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