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What's a Hack?

Hacks are generally considered to be "quick-and-dirty" solutions to programming problems or interesting techniques for getting a task done. As any experienced eBayer will tell you, there are plenty of tasks involved in buying and selling on eBay, and anything that can be done to make those tasks easier, faster, or more effective will improve your eBay experience significantly. eBay Hacks, the book, is a collection of 125 such hacks.

eBay Hacks is not a "hand holding" guide. It will not walk you through the process of bidding on your first auction or creating your first auction listing. The fact is that just about anybody can figure those things out for themselves in a few minutes. (If that weren’t true, eBay wouldn’t have tens of millions of active buyers and sellers.)

But despite the title, eBay Hacks is also not about "hacking into a system" or anything so nefarious. Quite the contrary: in fact, you’ll find a very real emphasis on trading responsibly and ethically, as well as extensive tools and tips for protecting yourself as both a buyer and a seller.

The hacks in eBay Hacks address the technological and diplomatic challenges faced by all eBay members, written from the perspective of an experienced eBayer who loves challenges as much as solutions. Essentially, you’ll find in eBay Hacks the tools to help you trade smarter and safer, make more money, and have fun doing it.

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