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Reviews & Acclaim

  » Chicago Sun-Times (October 7, 2003):

"EBay Hacks might be the best eBay book out there... It's invaluable. Trust me, even if it takes you two years before you use all the info in this book, you'll eventually use all of the information in this book." - Andy Ihnakto

  » PC World (June 15, 2004):

"Unlike other books, eBay Hacks assumes the reader has a brain and is willing to exercise it... Highly recommended." - Andrew Clements

  » Mantex (April 30, 2004):

"...everything you need to know about taking part in the world's biggest auction is covered here." - Roy Johnson

  » ASPAlliance (October 20, 2003):

"eBay Hacks, by David A. Karp, is a definite winner. It is a must-have text for anyone who ventures into the eBay marketplace, either as a buyer or seller." - Michelle Smith

  » AuctionBytes.com (September 21, 2003):

"You can always expect good content from O'Reilly & Associates publications: it's computer-geek approved. And "eBay Hacks" is as satisfying as their other titles." - Ina Steiner

  » Code Generation Network (March 6, 2004):

"[5 Stars] This book has 330 pages of in-depth material about how to buy and sell, and, at some level, about how to automate that process." - Jack Herrington

  » JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon (November 14, 2003):

"It will easily pay for itself in saved time, shipping costs, and stress; it will help you win the items you really want, and it can probably get you better prices too. Go buy it." - Frank Carver

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