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About the Book - eBay Hacks

In eBay Hacks, author David A. Karp provides tools and strategies to master eBay, whether you’re a buyer trying to win an auction without getting ripped off, or you’re a seller dealing with anxious customers and deadbeat bidders.

  • Learn better ways to monitor auctions, more effective ways to bid, and safer ways to pay
  • Use advanced search tools to find auction items before anyone else and determine the value of an item before you bid
  • Protect yourself before - and after - you bid, and never lose another penny to dishonest sellers
  • Use automatic sniping tools to win more auctions and spend less money
  • Get more money for your items with effective descriptions and killer photos
  • Maintain your reputation on eBay by knowing when to leave feedback, how to set a reasonable expectation, and how to deal with other eBay members when things don’t go so smoothly
  • Utilize tools to streamline the listing process, communications, and checkout
  • Dive into eBay’s API to develop custom software that can be integrated with your business or distributed to others

David A. Karp, best known for O’Reilly’s best-selling Windows Annoyances series, is an avid collector and determined tinkerer. He understands the eBay culture, and uses his years of experience to show how subtle strategy, a little diplomacy, and the right tools can make eBay more profitable and a lot more fun.

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